Church Planting
Compass Church is Committed to Church Planting!  We have always had a dream to plant new churches. In early 2012, we gave birth to our first multi-site campus in Surprise, Arizona. In October, 2013, we were excited to announce that this site became Aspire Church, a fully independent and autonomous church. This was the first step in the fulfillment of the plan that Compass has to plant new churches and reach out to new communities with the awesome message of the Gospel.

But we don't want it to stop there. Compass Church is committed to starting new churches both locally and around the world. We are always looking for qualified church planting candidates to join us in reaching people for Christ here in the West Valley.

City Reach
City Reach falls under SEND in the Compass spiritual development pathway. We look for opportunities to serve people in need in our community, our city, the valley and beyond. It is a way to open our eyes to the situations of those less fortunate. Simply stated, the mission of City Reach is to love those who are normally ignored. LEARN MORE



Vision: Compass Global Outreach focuses on new church planting particularly in areas where Christianity faces persecution.

Values:  Our guiding principles for involvement with missionaries and/or missions organizations are as follows:

  • Our primary goal is to use Nationals to reach Nationals.

  • Our desire is to have a greater impact in fewer ventures, resulting in larger amounts of funding going to a smaller pool of organizations.

  • Our support of any missionary or missions organization will not be in perpetuity. We will either enter into a commitment for a specific term or we will re-evaluate commitments at least once every three years.

  • As missions falls under the Send category of our spiritual growth pathway, our involvement in missions should provide opportunities for our members to engage with our existing partnerships according to their unique gifts and talents.


Compass currently partners with ministries in many different areas of the world through prayer and financial support.


EGYPT:  Starting in 2011, Compass Church began partnering with Indigenous Ministries to support church planters and pastors in Egypt.  We currently support multiple church planters there, who are reaching people with the Gospel in their own communities.


AFRICA:  Eric Dalrymple, ReachGlobal, Africa. Eric serves as the Leader of Partnership Development for Sub-Sahara Africa. He works to strengthen the ministry of existing partners and to develop new partnerships in places where ReachGlobal does not have staff. This is done through multiplying transformational churches among all people.


AFRICA: Merle and Claudia Wiens serve in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa with ReachGlobal, the international mission outreach of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Merle serves as Associate Leader of ReachGlobal's ministries in Africa. Claudia is involved in student and women's ministry outreaches. Compass has been a part of the Wiens' support team for over 15 years.


UKRAINE:  Eric & Beth Yodis serve with WorldVenture in Kiev, Ukraine. After many years in Donetsk, due to the unrest in that part of Ukraine with Russia, they have relocated to Kiev. They are actively engaged in working with the local leaders/pastors in this city to formulate a vision and execute a strategy for multiplication church planting.


For more information about our local or global missions efforts, please email us at missions@compasschurchaz.com.