Life 360

**Life 360 will relaunch in August as we take the next several months to refresh and revise our class material. The new content will be even more beneficial to those that attend Compass and call it home. This will be a great opportunity for those who haven't taken the classes or have taken the classes many years past to refresh themselves with our vision, values and the ministry opportunities we offer here at Compass.**






REACH 101. Reaching people with the love and grace of Jesus Christ is the main call for all Christians.

At Compass, we want to reach people with the Gospel message in a clear, relevant way. Our Reach class is the first step in Life 360, our program to develop a body of believers that are fully committed to following the teaching and obeying the commands of Christ. In our Reach 101 class, you will be exposed to the message of hope that Jesus Christ offers, you will have time to ask questions about what we believe at Compass Church, you will get to meet and interact with many of our staff members, and you will learn about our plan to make a huge impact in the West Valley for the Kingdom of God! Life 360 is a way of living, and the Reach 101 class is the beginning!

CONNECT 201. connectConnecting with a local church, Connecting with other believers, and Connecting deeper with God are important steps in our faith journeys.

At Compass, we want the Christian life to be more than just a Sunday morning event, we want people to be engaged in deeper Connections with other people. Connect 201 is the second step in our spiritual pathway called Life 360. In our Connect class, you will learn more about Compass Church, get to know other people that call Compass Church home, and experience a deeper connection with God, through communion and other opportunities. You will also get a chance to become a member of Compass Church and commit to the mission that God has called us to. Connect 201 is a great way to meet other people and get fully engaged in the vision of Compass Church, and the impact we are trying to make for the Kingdom of God!


GROW 301. This class focuses on two key areas of the Christian life: Discipleship and Ministry. Here's a question for you: Are you a Christian or a disciple?

A "Christian" is a name almost anyone can ascribe to themselves who believes in God and isn't a member of any other religion, and maybe goes to church twice a year. But Jesus didn't come to make Christians, he came to make disciples. A disciple is a follower, an apprentice, a student, of all that Jesus is and all that he taught. A disciple gives his whole life to the teachings of Jesus and tries hard not merely to believe the word, but to do what it says. So the "Grow" class will teach us about what discipleship looks like. We'll also get a chance to learn about ministry. Believe it or not, every disciple of Jesus has been called to ministry! What is yours? How can you, right where you are, make an eternal difference in the kingdom of God? You'll get led through a spiritual gifts inventory that helps you discover the strengths of how God made you, and how to put them to work in amazing ways.

send_blackSEND 401. The final class in the Life360 process challenges all of us to be "sent" - that is, to live life with a mission, as a missionary.

But that doesn't mean you have to pack up and move to the other side of the world. Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost write in The Faith of Leap that "home might be the very best place for [you] to serve and that the missionary call to 'Go' might still apply, but it is a going deeper, not a going away." We're going to learn how to go deeper - into our neighborhoods, into our city - and live out the kingdom of God throughout everyday life. Of course, there will be some who will literally be called to "go" but either way life on mission is always an adventure.

*subject to change as needed