Reach. Connect. Grow. Send.



 Reach – At Compass Church, we want to REACH people with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We accomplish that primarily in our weekend services through inspiring worship and engaging teaching of God’s Word. Example: Weekend Services


Connect – We believe everyone should be involved in a Connection Group, which is a gathering of a dozen adults or so who regularly connect with each other through studying the Bible, hanging out, praying for each other, and basically going through life together. Example: Connection Groups


Grow – At Compass Church, we’re here to see you grow. We want to help you not only understand what the Bible says, but also how the truth in the Bible has a bearing on your life today. This includes overcoming pain from past events, challenges surrounding the present, and confusion about the future. Example: LIFE 360 Classes


Send – We believe that God is in the business of sending. Jesus himself told his disciples, as the Father has sent me, so I send you. There’s nothing quite like discovering your gifts and abilities and then echoing the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Here I am. Send me.” Example: Serve at Compass Church